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V.C.N WoW PvP Event
« on: January 09, 2019, 06:48:24 PM »
Hello everyone,

I am here to schedule a PvP event. Let's prepare for it ahead of time. Make sure everyone is ready.
We are going to host our PvP Event on our new Cross-faction Battleground System which is going in to effect in 1 week to be exact.

January 18th | 2019 | 6PM EST , the event will commence.

The event will consist of series of 3 Different Battlegrounds. The winning team will receive a Donation Weapon of their choosing.
Custom Forum and Discord Tags.

We strongly suggest to prepare for this ahead of time, when we announce the start of the event you will need to be ready to Queue!

Thank you all!


Re: V.C.N WoW PvP Event
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Sounds fun!