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Custom Patches
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Hello everyone,

Download and Install our custom Patches that allows you to use our Legion Items, Mounts, Sets, Legion Gladiator Titles. Patch 1 is required to play on our server, however we do recommend to download Patch 2 as well!

Patch1: Legion Mythic Gear, Legion Gladiator Sets and Gladiator Titles.
Click here to download
This Patch is REQUIRED to play on V.C.N WOW PVP Funserver!

Patch2 :
Legion Mounts and Creatures.
Click here to download.

Patch3 - OPTIONAL!: Fel Fire Option for Warlocks.
Click here to download.

Simply extract the file in to your Data folder | same folder where you have patch-3.MPQ/

Open WoW.exe and you will see all new mount and creature models all over the world.

Thank you and enjoy
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