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Custom Patches
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Hello everyone,

Download and Install our custom Patches that allows you to see Legion Mounts & Legion Character Titles. Remember this is totally optional, you do not have to download this patch, however if you want to see Legion Models and Custom Titles these links are for you.

Patch1: (updated 2019-02-20)
Legion Mounts and Creatures

Patch2: (updated 2019-02-19)
Vengeful WoW Custom Titles & Season 9
You will not be able to Enchant or Use the New Season 9 sets to it's full potential if you do not have this patch!

Patch3: (updated 2019-02-20) - Added Fel Fire Lock option.
Warlock Fire to Fel

Simply extract the file in to your Data folder | same folder where you have common.mpq and that's all.

Open WoW.exe and you will see all new mount and creature models all over the world.

Thank you and enjoy


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