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The opening of "Ymirheim"
« on: January 11, 2019, 10:31:39 PM »

Hello gang,

As we earlier announced, we are opining a V.C.N WOW | PvE Realm, "Ymirheim" , the realm will be [x3], there will be no custom gear, no donation items.

It will take time before the realm will be opened to public, however we do give access to our registered users to login as testers and help us bring this realm to it's glory! We have many great ideas for our new PvE Realm.

We will let everyone know where the test will commence. All testers will have their accounts activated to work on the PvE Realm.

More information will be provided shortly, as we finishing setting up the system and finalizing the set up/map up of our brand new realm.

We already have a staff member set up for this realm, Breakfast will be our main Gamemaster on "Ymirheim" Realm.

Thank you everyone!

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